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Realms Open Championship Hero Clix Event

WNY Gaming, LLC.
Event organized by WNY Gaming, LLC.

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Come compete for the chance to win a brand new 2018 Realms Open Championship Limited Edition Neoprene Map!

-300pts ROC age Limted (defined below in ‘House Rules’)
- players are asked to have 1-3 legal maps, otherwise initiative automatically defers to opponent
- players are welcome to bring a filled-out build sheet but it is not required
- there will be x3 45minute rounds of Swiss pairing and then a final cut to top 2. When match time expires, end of match procedures for ROC Events is “LAST ROUND.” This means after time has run out, the game ends once the second player’s turn ends (if it has not otherwise ended already)
- There is a banned list for this event. the following pieces are not allowed:
• D-027 Felix Faust
• War of Light Ophidian 063
• All Star Trek ships
• The Mighty Thor Uni-Mind 058

this event is capped at 16 players so be sure to pre-register today!

for the complete ROC Tournament rules, printable build sheets and other helpful resources select ‘TOOLBOX’ from the main menu at roccup.com
Additional Info
entry: $10
• 1st Place - 5 ROC points, set of dice and 3D Objects + map
• 2nd Place - 3 ROC points, set of dice and 2 3D Objects
• 3rd/4th Place - 2 ROC points, set of dice and 2 3D Objects
• additional prizing tba

*All players need to create a ROC account at ROCcup.com. This is how players will receive ROC points.

House Rules
- Anything with a dial for Heroclix is playable in our tournaments. We don't restrict unless there is a special format for a tournament.
- Normally actions are 1 per 100 points of the team build, rounded up.
- It is recommended that players bring their own maps but there will be some available for use. Any Heroclix, Grid Reality and ROC maps are allowed for all events as long they follow the given “age” of the event’s format. *

Listed below are keywords that describe certain format restrictions:
- Modern: only modern age game elements are allowed. *
- Retired: only non-modern age game elements are allowed. *
- ROC age: only game elements starting from the Superman set (9/1/11) are allowed (i.e. figures with the “oreo” bases) *
- Limited: in this format the following game elements are allowed: Theme Teams, ATA's, Special objects, Word Bubbles, Comic Panels, Bystanders & Special Terrain while the following game elements are not allowed: Resources, Figures larger than a Peanut base, Constructs, Relics, ID Cards, Feats, BFC's, Event Dials & Characters equipped during force construction
- Bizarro: all figures will start on their last non-ko click and when they take damage the dial will click backwards
- Highlander: Only one of a named character per force. The exception is if characters have different real names (ex: if 2 characters named “Batman” have a real name of “Bruce Wayne” and “Dick Grayson” this would be allowed in Highlander games. 2 characters named “Spider-Man” that both have the real name “Peter Parker” would not be allowed in a Highlander game)

*what age a figure/game element belongs to can be found in the Units section on hcrealms.com

Normally at the end of each tournament a prize is given out for fellowship. This is not always guaranteed but we like to give out a little extra if possible. There are several ways this prize can be given out. To be eligible for this prize you must play all rounds of the tournament. There can be exceptions if you need to leave the building due to work/personal reasons. If you just drop and hang out to watch you will not be eligible.
-High Roll (All players roll 2d6, highest roll wins)
-Lowest Roll (All players roll 2d6, lowest roll wins)
-Vote (All players vote in secret about who they want to win based on good sportsmanship)