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Yoga Confidence for Beginners Workshop series


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If you want to get into yoga but feel you'd like some beginners coaching to boost your yoga confidence before joining a class, this is for you. People tend to feel more confident when they know a little about something they're trying out for the first time.

The sessions are workshop style where we will practice yoga, explore what goes on in a yoga class and a lot more.

What will this Yoga Confidence course give you?

Here's what someone wrote me after she attended the last course.

"Hi Sunny, just wanted to a say a huge thank you for your classes. I went to my first yoga class today at Bannatynes. We did a chakra alignment class and it was blissful! I felt confident I could join in, but also took things at my own pace and made sure I was always comfortable. I feel your classes fully prepared me. I knew a lot of the poses and was prepared for the chanting, as well as understanding the language used. With the poses I didn't know, I felt confident I could follow them at my own pace. Thanks so much, it's opened up a whole new world for me! KL - 27 - F - Professional

This is what the course is designed to give you:

By the time you've finished this 5 week series of 90 minute evening workshops, you feel as if you've got a grounding in what yoga is, how it works and what you enjoy and want to know and experience more...

You've had a few laughs - and been present to other people in the class and their journey and reasons for wanting to get into yoga.

You have gotten a greater awareness of your body [a taste of anatomy, movement, function] and how it works

You've explored breathing and how important it is in yoga

And you've been able to learn in a casual interactive environment where you have time to discuss, ask questions, explore and experiment.

[Feel free to call or text me on 07934 188 651]

The course is open to anyone who is a yoga beginner. If you are able to walk, climb stairs, get onto the floor and stand up, sit down, and above all breathe are welcome.

No chair yoga lessons, but we have lots of comfy props, bolsters, blankets, blocks, cushions and even a few chairs.

We ask you to fil out a health check form to find out if you can safely do this course and how, where possible, we can adapt for you.

As well as experiencing and developing physical practice in basic poses you'll have an understanding of how classes work, jargon, what to expect, varieties

You will be confident you can participate in yoga breathing sessions in a class and have learned how to safely modify poses so that they work for you.

****** Basically! You will feel way more confident about joining a regular yoga class ;-) ******

And will have a better sense of how to 'fill your own prescription' for what yoga will work best for you.

And you may remember that it's all about feeling into your yoga underpinned by a suggestion to keep an eye open for the 'competitive drive'

You may also be considering what it means when we say yoga is about the journey, the experience of feeling into your body as you move, which is mindfulness [double bubble] and you will be prompted to spend more time doing this than worrying about what it looks like..

And you might even want to get your own yoga mat.. and try out some stuff at home..

This 5-week workshop series is designed to open beginners to the possibility of yoga and an introduction to all manner of avenues to explore.

WHEN? Spring Summer Course - April 23rd, every Monday evening until and including Monday May 21 2018 7.30 till 9.00

You will touch on different perspectives of yoga from traditional to out of the box
You will become more aware of what yoga can offer you from 'fitness' to 'filosophy'

Learn by experiencing [getting into and out of] basic asanas [poses] and the structure, purpose and benefit of these postures and how different postures relate to each other.

Be inspired by a grounding in yoga breathing [pranayama] and try out basic techniques with an idea of the purpose and benefits to you and your yoga practice

Mindfulness and Yoga - learn simple mindfulness techniques to help you get the most from your yoga practice

How you do your yoga and the lessons you can learn from it. Taking yoga off the mat into real life. This is really fun stuff !
A dip into yoga 'side-dishes' from gestures [mudra] to sound in yoga[mantra, kirtan] and physical lock techniques [Bandha].

Yoga stuff is often expressed in Sanskrit cos that was the original language. They nearly all have equivalent everyday English names.

Exploring Yoga Online - pointers to what's out there online.. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest,Facebook and more


Weekly email summarising the previous class with prompts to explore further.

Links to YouTube video resources to explore
List of types of Yoga available in Eastbourne and surrounds

Handouts - often email either attachments or links including pose diagrams, useful information, key pointers.

Bookings are now open for the Spring/Summer Yoga Confidence for Beginners workshop series which begins on Monday April 23rd 7.30pm at The Yoga Life Studio.

Each weekly workshop lasts 90 mins and builds on the previous week. To gain the maximum benefit this is set up as a series each session building on the last one.

WHEN? Spring Summer Course - April 23rd, every Monday evening until and including Monday May 21 2018 7.30 till 9.00

In the first session, we will introduce ourselves to the group and share what we want, in small groups first.

And we will promise to agree that 'what's shared in the group stays in the group'.

We will explore your current exercise (or not) practices and your most common everyday postures [working sitting down, at a desk, driving, standing, lifting, manual work etc and how that affects your body] and look at, any assumed limitations.

You will get a sense of how the workshop sessions work, interaction, small group chats, physical asana practice, a chance to ask questions, personal coaching.

You will have received a health check form to complete in advance, via email, and there will be time to fill one in on paper, if you need to, in this session.

We will then look at your responses to understand any modifications or precautions or prohibitions might apply to your yoga 'prescription'.

Every session will end with a long and deep relaxation experience based on iRest Yoga Nidra specifically designed to bring you into a meditative and mindful state whilst leaving you refreshed and awake and ready... and you have nothing to do other than lie back and experience it..

You will learn how to make a cosy nest from blankets, cushioins and bolsters and listen... and focus on staying awake as much as you are able..[if you don't it's cos you needed to sleep and that's good too].

In this course you will learn through experiential work, talk and personal coaching.

Around 12 basic yoga poses that occur in many classes
What yoga classes are designed to do
Mindfulness - how to get into it and how to use it to improve your yoga practice
How yogic breathing works and how to use it in your everyday life
Confidence to enter a new class without feeling as if you won't be able to keep up
Limitations and possibilities for your unique body
The meaning of yoga 'jargon' and practices
Explore different styles of yoga to help you choose the right class.

IT'S A RICH DEAL. You get 5 x 1.5 hour sessions for £45 and the numbers will be limited to 8 MAX. A chance to dip your toes into yoga in a relaxed manner and learn heaps..

April 23rd, every Monday until and including Monday May 21.

HOW TO PAY - £45 is for all five sessions and we can't only offer refundsfor 7 days after booking. heck your diary and if it works, you can pay by paypal. There's a link on this event page.

And if you read this far, oh my.. here's something about me..

The workshop is facilitated by Sunny Peta [Peta Heskell] that's me folks. Previously known as The Flirt Coach, with a successful career running workshops, writing for newspapers and magazines and 3 self help books for Harpers. Broadcasting and PR as well as a thriving private somatic coaching practice.

The focus of my workshops were Confidence, Self-Awareness, Connection and Communication and they were based on a whole myriad of weird, wonderful and powerful learnings in all manner of things..

I've been learning stuff for years.. and it never stops.. always something more to experience, incorporate and share with you.. and learn from the people I facilitate.

I worked with a mentor for 7 years..studying body work, language, neuropsychology, story telling, and a variety of different bodywork forms.

After a 30 year on/off love affair with yoga that started in a spiritual 'ashram' in SW London, sometimes intense, sometimes abandoned for running and weights, sometimes done on the spur, interspersed with a 25 year practice of chi kung and a lifetime of crazy wild adventures that landed me here in Eastbourne, I decided to qualify as a yoga teacher so that I can safely develop my own brand of yoga/movement/mindfulness and teach how to use it in all areas of our life.

I love working with beginners because they haven't got stuck on a single pathway of belief around yoga and that means I can introduce you, as my mentor did for me, to many yoga avenues and encourage you to be curious, ask questions.. to find your yoga and do what works for YOU.