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Yoga Nidra Course


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Give yourself a gift which keeps on giving.
A 6 week course
Wednesdays 2 May - 6 June 6.30-7.30pm
Fee:$90 or $16 casual
Includes theory, applications, practice and a take home recording of a yoga nidra.

Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is simple to practise. It is done lying on the back, a position which exerts the least amount of sensory stimulation, helping to induce the relaxation response. The deeper states of relaxation that occur during yoga nidra help to dissolve deep tensions and stress, enhance the immune system and foster a sense of wellbeing and creativity.

The practitioner is guided through 8 stages that are presented in a specific order to maximise the effect of the practice.The stages are designed to move the practitioner into an extended alpha brain wave state. In the threshold between sleep and wakefulness contact with the subconscious and unconscious dimensions may occur naturally as a result of withdrawal from external sensory stimulation. When the consciousness is separated from external awareness and sleep, then it becomes very powerful and can be applied therapeutically.

Therapeutic applications include:
- adjunct to psychological treatment for anxiety
- improving behavioural problems in children
- aiding reduction in drug therapy
- insomnia
- reduce alcohol and drug dependency
- psychosomatic diseases such as asthma, digestive complaints, high blood pressure, cancer
- chronic degenerative disease
- pain relief
- relieves symptoms of ADHD
- challenges of aging
- prenatal and for relaxed birthing
- menstrual, reproductive disorders and menopausal symptoms

Register now by calling Yogasarita 021 1726348 or by email
website www.yogainlife.co.nz