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Regain Your Body Recover Your Life


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Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Thursdays 3 May - 7 June 11-12pm
Venue: Yoga In Life, Titirangi

Commitment to all 6 sessions is a requirement. Each session is $16 or $10 unwaged.
Book now via email: sarita108@gmail.com

This 6 week course is for anyone who has experienced trauma and is currently in therapy. People experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or feel disconnected from their bodies are also welcome.

Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing include:
- Disturbing intrusive memories
- Flashbacks and dissociation
- Regulation via self harm, drugs, alcohol, gambling, other addictions
- Insomnia, agitation, nightmares
- Somatic complaints, headaches, tremors, choking sensations, rapid heartbeat
- Not being able to to utilise body signals as guides for action

The Goal of Trauma Sensitive Yoga is to assist you to:
- Have and notice the body
- Befriend the body
- To be able to self regulate through the body vs despite the body

A Trauma Sensitive Yoga class begins with a safe environment using invitational language and a focus on the body. There are no physical adjustments and the teacher is committed to fostering personal exploration and experience within each practice. Students have choice as to what and how they practice unless safety is compromised.

The teacher:
Yogasarita has extensive training in yoga and more recently, trauma sensitive yoga which she combines with training and experience in mental health and education to restore and bring about equilibrium in people's lives. Currently, she is working with individual clients and groups, drawing on the restorative benefits of breathing techniques and body awareness to relieve distress and regulate emotions.

Feedback from some previous participants
"I liked how the intensity of yoga poses increased as the weeks went on. I saw more connection between mindfulness, meditation, breathing and yoga after the course.
Most of all, I have a higher sense of mind-body connection and have become more accepting and understanding of how my body reacts to emotional changes and states. I feel less punitive of the imperfections of my body but more accepting and focused on cherishing and nurturing its role in letting me achieve things in life."

Regular practice has helped me gain a deeper body awareness which assists with healthy sleep patterns and to regulate my diet. I am better able to observe my emotions in an accepting way without judgement or reacting. I have become more aware of anxiety triggers and as a result the severity of anxiety and hyper-vigilance has lessened. Yoga is a safe space where I can be present with myself in an act of self care that helps me cope with external stresses."

"Active breathing seems to work instantly. I do a couple of minutes of active breathing and some moves learnt at the sessions to relax and think more clearly when I feel tense and anxious. I’ve also noticed that I sleep much better and more deeply. I wake up a lot more refreshed and rejuvenated after sleep.
I notice how my body reacts to stress and anxiety more after the the course and can remedy that more effectively since I am aware of those sensations."