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Expanding Awareness Event (ENG)

Event organized by Yogatrainer.nl

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We are ENERGY. Prana. LifeForce.
Sometimes we forget about it...and we act, we present, we run and force and go and hurry…we are mainly doing.

We are litterally raising the energy. Just a little bit first. As we start. 💛💫 So you can feel it.

✅ Embracing your NOW
✅ Saying Yes to all the choices you have made. They were always the best for you at that moment. Otherwise you would have chosen differently.
✅ Embracing your change. Feel how you’ve outgrown the old.
✅ say YES to you.

You are going to feel how you can master your energy. It requires some willingness and stillness, since we will be connecting to the subtle Liquid energy. You can feel it. It is light/ energy Moving into our Liquid bodies. I will show you.

Seeing the world from your Total self. Instead of from the fear part. You are the creator. You are Infinity. You are an energy vortex. We in a way connect ourselves to source

💫⭐️🌟✨Liquid light 💫⭐️🌟✨
We will experience our Expanded Awareness through tools as "Liquid Yoga & Liquid Breathwork" and above all through new insights around the body, the liquid light body. And how we can raise our vibration. We will literally raise our vibration and cleanse our systems.

Liquid Yoga is BEYOND Form. It is a deep inner journey.
We will enter our tenderest softness and connect even deeper to touch our souls essence through Liquid Yoga and soothing Breathwork Session with Cora from Holland.Liquid Yoga presented herself to Cora and is designed to arrive softly and smoothly into your Liquid Light Body...landing into your deepest knowing and especially your being.

After 20 years of intensely practicing yoga, pranayama and breathwork, a new deepening YogaStyle presented herself to Cora. Yes. It is a SHE. ;-) By letting go of the form, by letting go of styles and doing, your body automatically flows into a deeply soft and healing flow. This is a flow that Cora will share with us. SHE wants to be shared.

SHE arrives through intensifying your Senses: deep, soft and open breathing, through binaural and deep Theta Sounds, inhaling the sweetest aroma's, and seeing and visioning yourself opening up and expanding.

It is a kind of arrival into your weightlessness. The Pure Bliss State, we enter together. “How much bliss can you stand?"

In this experience we are surrendering ourselves into a physical practice of light, joy, movement and breath. Softly and slowly starting to move the harder parts in our body and in a way melting them down to the softness of water. We use the elements to enter the liquid state in our bodies.

The air of our breath, the fire of some movements, the earth for our stability and safety and finally arriving into our Liquid bodies of Love. This is a deep Self Healing for all Open Minded Souls. You don’t need any previous yoga experience, since it is not about the yoga at all. ;-) Come and play!

Just bring your self and your curiosity.

COST: € 99,-

Arrival from 12:30 am
Starts @ 1:00 pm
Ends @ 6:00pm

13.00 Introduction on Expanding Awareness, our Liquid Lightbodies, raising your vibes and a meditation and sound experience to do so.
13.30 and Liquid Yoga Session XL. Moving your body & mind through stiffness, pain and harder parts in the body by Breathing Continuously, Circular and openly. A deep opening experience bringing you into a soft body experience.
15.00 Break, sweets & some relaxation
15.30 Liquid breathing Session Entering our Liquid Light Body through the magic of the breath in a soft and deep session. A session for deep letting go and healing the body-mind system and for entering your bliss state.