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Ethiopian World Federation

Ethiopian World Federation

New York (NY), 10021, United States

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(212) 433-0868

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About A Not-for-Profit 501(c)4 membership organization incorporated in New York 1937 by Dr. Malaku Bayen under the auspices of the Emperor of Ethiopia, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, to organize the black family in the diaspora to provide protection, aid and support for each other and the worldwide black family, to maintain the integrity and independence of Ethiopia, the divine heritage of the Black peoples of the world, and to promote the development of Africa for present and future generations.

In gratitude for the support Ethiopia received from the African population in the West during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia by Italy under Mussolini (1935-1941), the Emperor later on (1955) granted 500 acres of land in Shashemanne, Ethiopia for each black (Ethiopian) - allowing five (5) Gashas of land for each family in the diaspora desiring to return to the motherland. In 1970, His Imperial Majesty personally appointed Ras Marcus Selassie (Solomon Wolfe), a Director of the Ethiopian World Federation’s Local Charter #43 in Jamaica, as Administrator of the land in Sashamanne, Ethiopia, called “the Land Grant.” In addition, other African governments granted land to the family in the diaspora through the organization, including land in Ghana.
Mission Our Mission is summarized within Aims and Objects outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws of Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.:

Article I, Section 2

The aims and objects of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall be:

(a) To promote love and good-will among Ethiopians at home and abroad and thereby to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, to disseminate the ancient Ethiopian culture among its members, to correct abuses, relieve oppression and carve for ourselves and our posterity, a destiny comparable with our idea of perfect manhood and God's purpose in creating us; that we may not only save ourselves from annihilation, but carve for ourselves a place in the Sun: in this endeavor, we determine to seek peace and pursue it, for it is the will of God for man.

(b) To promote and pursue happiness; for it is the goal of human life and endeavor.

(c) To usher in the teaching and practice of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

(d) To promote and stimulate interest among its members in world affairs, and to cultivate a spirit of international goodwill and comity.

(e) To promote friendly interest among its members, to develop a fraternal spirit among them and to inculcate in its members the desire to render voluntary aid and assistance to one another at all times.

(f) To render voluntary aid and protection to its members, without fee or charge for same when in need. And, if necessary, to provide and care for refugees and disabled victims of the Italio-Ethiopian War.

(g) To give concrete material and voluntary aid without fee or charge for the same, to all such refugees and disabled victims and to raise funds by voluntary subscription for the purposes aforementioned. There shall be no charge, fee, beneficiary tax or other assessment upon the members of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, except for dues, provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.

(h) To encourage i
Description Where we are today:

The EWF Inc. is expected to represent the family in the diaspora on many different levels.

In providing for a better standard of living for its members in the diaspora and in the motherland as well. See Benefits listed in "Products" below.

One of the unique responsibilities of the EWF, Inc. is the repatriation of the black family to Africa. The organization has to prepare and develop the infrastructure so that repatriating families have access to proper services, resources and opportunities to help in their relocation, resettlement and progress. It therefore needs to lobby international organizations,agencies and governments for their support in providing assistance to return those who were taken away from their homeland as slaves.
Founded 1937, New York, New York, USA

Any 25 Black persons can come together to form a Local unit anywhere in the world by requesting a Charter from the Headquarters.
There is a US $1.00 member application fee. Membership dues are .10c per week ( As it has been since 1937)

Based on the Constitution and By-laws of our Organization, the following are some of the benefits that The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated is expected to provide for its members, and some that it may elect to provide based on its registration, the character of the organization and the needs of the members, some who are living in poverty and depravity based on the economic inequalities that prevail in the society. If you have the skills and ability to help provide any of the following services to our family at home and abroad, please volunteer or submit an employment application.

Those who are in need may contact the organization as well.

* Employment
* Education
* Welfare/Social Services
* Medical/Health Services
* Death Benefit
* Credit Union
* Labor Union
* Housing
* Vocational Training
* Legal Support
* Prison Services/Ministry
* Senior Services
* Juvenile/Children Services
* Rehabilitation
(Drug and Crime)
* Homeless Services
* Music Unit
* Women and Family Services

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