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About Fujiiryoki India
Fujiiryoki Alkaline Water Ionizer - World's Most Trusted Alkaline Water Ionizer Now In India, J.F.D.A Japan Certified Over 30 Years & 5,00000 Unit Sold.
With the vision to be the global leader in the lifestyle industry, Fujiiryoki was established in 1954. Thevery first innovative production of Fujiiryoki was the famous Massage Chairs. Fujiiryoki entered the health and beauty industry with the Alkaline Water Ionizer in the year 1989. And, since then, we have managed to set a global benchmark by creating a worldwide network of health and lifestyle appliances.

Vinayak group, in association with Fujiiryoki, has introduced the ultimate water purification solution- The Alkaline Water Ionizer.
The success of Alkaline Water Ionizers as a wholesome water purification solution lies in the constant modernization of our products. We aim to provide the most advanced cutting-edge technology and user-friendly experience to our loyal customers.

At first, we launched HWP 55, which has 10 different types of distinct and selectable waters. And after that, we launched, the latest and the most advanced development in the Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generators- HWP-77, which has 11 different types of distinct, and selectable waters.

Different Types of Water for Daily Health and Hygiene Management:

1- Purified Water- It is best for taking medicines and milk dishes.
2- Acidic Water- It is best for the skin as it tightens the skin.
3- Sanitised Water- It is best for cleaning and sterilizing countertops, floors, kitchen, and bathrooms, etc.
4- Alkaline Hydrogen Water with pH 10.5- It is best for detoxifying yourself and washing vegetables to remove the harsh toxins.
5- Alkaline Hydrogen Water with pH 9.5- It is best for cooking as it enhances the taste of any dish.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Hydrogen Water:

• The Alkaline Hydrogen Water is absorbed easily into the cells and provides enhanced and faster hydration than conventional water.
• Highly Anti-oxidizing, Alkaline Hydrogen Water acts against aging by flushing out free radicals from the body.
• The Alkaline Water Ionizer removes harmful elements and
Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator- HWP 55,Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator- HWP 77

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