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Gramitech: 100% Eco Insulation Products

Gramitech: 100% Eco Insulation Products

Grand Pâquier, Chavornay, 1373, Switzerland

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+41 (0)24 441 69 53

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About Gramitech SA
Description The company Gramitech SA has developed and realized a new concept for utilization of grass. The main products are insulation boards made from grass Gramitherm®. We operate a production plant in Orbe (Switzerland) and sell Gramitherm® directly ex works or via our distribution partners. Our customers are private home owners, processing companies (wood construction firms and craftsmen), architects and general contractors, and public building managers.


Our process separates the components of grass in two fractions, and further processes these fractions to Gramitherm® and biogas and/or Gramisan®. Gramisan® is a liquid feed concentrate for pigs and hens, which we developed together with animal feed specialists. Today, Gramisan® is in the testing phase.

This process secures complete utilisation of all grass components, and generates a very significant value added.

Nos activités regroupent le développement et la réalisation commerciale de projets visant à l'utilisation de l'herbe comme matière première. Après plusieurs années d'expérience et de développement, nous avons réalisé en Suisse romande, en début 2009, notre propre installation de production de matériaux isolants en fibres de cellulose extraites d'herbe et avons introduit notre produit Gramitherm® sur le marché. Nos clients sont des maîtres d'œuvre, des privés, des entreprises (entreprises générales, de constructions en bois, d'artisans), des architectes ainsi que des pouvoirs publics.

Notre vision est de promouvoir l'utilisation de l'herbe comme matière première en créant des partenariats avec d'autres sociétés actives dans la production de nos produits environnementaux, pour le bien des clients, de nos collaborateurs et de l'environnement.


Le procédé permet de séparer dans la matière première les fibres de cellulose - utilisées pour la production du Gramitherm® - des composés digestibles utilisés pour la production de biogaz ou de Gramisan® . Gramisan® est un concentré de substa
Awards Gramitech, formerly BPS, was selected as one of the top 25 Clean Tech Companies in Europe in 2009

Gramitherm is certified by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Gramitherm est certifié par la Commission suisse pour la technologie et l'innovation.

Gramitherm ist von der Schweizerischen Kommission für Technologie und Innovation zertifiziert.
Founded 2005
Products Gramitherm

The name Gramitherm® refers to the utilization of Gramineas (botanical name of the family of grasses) for the production of thermal insulation products. Gramitherm® is produced throughout the year from different grasses, including permanent pasture and sawn grass varieties, which are well known and commonly used as fodder grasses. Production of grass has several positive effects on the environment:
• Provision of habitat and a fodder bases for wild animals such as hares, deer, birds or insects
• Stabilisation of agricultural soils (prevention of soil erosion)
• Improvement of ground water quality by retention of nitrates and pesticides
• Improvement of crop rotation systems and related repression of soil born plant diseases.

The use of grassland is decreasing steadily throughout the last 20 years, due to the following reasons:

• Corn has replaced grass as the primary feedstock for milk and meat production. Corn has a higher density of digestible energy compared to grass, and is better suited for the prevalent intensive production systems.
• Milk quotas have been introduced in most European countries for reduction of surplus production, and the number of cows has been decreasing steadily.
Today, preservation of grassland has become a concern in many European regions, mostly for tourism, environmentalists and hunters.

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