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In the process of coloring the fabric, the fabric is usually clipped with a clip and then immersed in a mixture of an acidic or alkaline dye and water.
Since the clip is made of all plastic, it does not rust. Due to the metal spring, the clip for ordinary daily use is easy to rust when it comes into contact with the pharmaceutical industry.
It contaminates the clothes and makes the cloth have stains that are difficult to clean. Therefore, the clothing dyeing industry generally does not recommend it, but does not contain any A full plastic clip of metal is used as a dyeing fixture.
In the process of producing alumina, the industry usually immerses the aluminum plate in an acidic liquid for electrolysis, or immerses it in an acidic solution to thicken the natural oxide film on the surface or produce some other passivation film.
In these processes, the industry often needs to clamp the aluminum plate, and the requirements for the fixture must be insulation and acid resistance.

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