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3701, 37th floor, China Resources Building, Minzhu Road, Erqi District
About Henan dingxinda import and Export Co., Ltd
Dingxinda import and Export Co., Ltd. is an active carbon wholesaler. For the processing of coal based activated carbon, it can meet the needs of users from the following aspects:

1. Columnar activated carbon is a series of products of our company. The diameter can be adjusted from 0.9 mm to 9.0 mm;

2. The irregular granular activated carbon processed on the basis of columnar carbon is the second largest series products of our company. The high strength of columnar carbon can meet the needs of different users for various effective particle size and uniformity coefficient of irregular carbon;

3. Powdered carbon is our company's three major series products. There are 30 * 200 mesh, 60 * 200 mesh and 100 * 200 mesh.

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