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About Hepa Filter Air Purifier Baltimore
Hepa Filter Air Purifier Baltimore HVAC engineering solutions for commercial and industrial applications are energy efficient and provide operational savings.ypes of Commercial HVAC Systems A heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is tasked with maintaining a comfortable climate. This doesn’t just involve temperature control, but also providing safe ventilation and filtration. Whether you’re keeping customers happy or ensuring the productivity of employees, the type of HVAC system will make a huge difference to your operations. Before choosing a system for your company, it’s best to understand a little on how they work.
How does it work?
Whether you’re heating or cooling, a HVAC system moves air. The furnace moves air from the air exchanger to the ducts. When you’d like to warm a space, a condensing unit will heat air while the heat pump can move warm air indoors. When you’d like to cool the area, an evaporator coil and refrigerant chill the air while the heat pump moves warm air outdoors. While there’s a lot more ductwork and vents to worry about in commercial settings, the fundamental process of moving and manipulating air remains the same. Temperature is controlled through the thermostat, just as air quality is managed through the air exchanger.

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