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About Hernia Specialist Doctor In Moshi Pune
Dr. Nikhil Jillawar is one of the leading experts in the Pune has experience of 9 years in this field of surgical gastroenterology GI oncology and hepatobiliary& transplant surgery
Dr. Nikhil Jillawar has completed his M.B.B.S from Government Medical College, Nanded, M.S From Government Medical College Nagpur, M.Ch from NHL Medical College Ahmedabad. He has completed Fellowship in bariatric surgery from Max Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi, and worked as SR. in GI surgery and liver transplant in GB pant hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Nikhil Jillawar is a renowned Gastrologist in Pune.
Hernia repair surgery is the world’s most common surgical procedure. Hernia surgery can help to relieve pain, return the hernia abdominal organs to their correct place and, strengthen the weak muscle area. A hernia operation usually takes around an hour as a day case procedure. It can be performed by:

Open surgery – under local or general anaesthetic, an incision usually around 2.5 to 3 inches is made to your skin near your hernia and your surgeon will push your hernia back into your abdomen. The incision is then either stitched closed or much more commonly a mesh is placed over the hole and fixed using fine stitches. The mesh acts like a scaffold and your own tissue will grow through the mesh to reinforce the weakened area without putting tension on the surrounding tissues.
Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery – under general anesthetic, several smaller incisions are made to allow your surgeon to use a less invasive technique using various special instruments including a tiny telescopic camera to repair your hernia. A mesh may then be used to strengthen your abdominal wall.
If hernia surgery is recommended, your surgeon will advise on the most appropriate type of surgery based on the location and severity of your hernia. The best hernia doctor in Pune– Dr. Nikhil Jillawar at Aditya Birla Hospital has been treating patients from all over the world with the most advanced, up-to-date techniques for over 15 years.

What are the different types of hernia?

Most hernias are found in the abdomen. Areas of weakness in the abdominal wall where hernias are commonly found include the groin, upper stomach, belly button and, where you have a surgical scar.

The most frequently seen types of hernia include:

Inguinal hernias – the most common hernia, seen more in men, causes a bulge in your groin. The inguinal hernia appears through your inguinal canal, a narrow passage that blood vessels pass through in your abdominal wall and, may reach your scrotum.

Femoral hernias

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