Inspired Eating: Enlightened nutrition

Inspired Eating: Enlightened nutrition

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Nutritional healing and intuitive eating.

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We’d like to think eating healthy is entirely a science, full of absolutes and hard-and-fast rules. That’s just not the case; every body is different, and even the “experts” disagree on what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright tragic. And we're quickly learning that the processed or chemically altered food we eat today can create enormous problems in the body, completely independent of nutritional profile.

There’s enormous value in the science of nutrition, and how food works in the body. But, at some point, healthy eating becomes an art, a balance between science, personal experience and intuition.

My goal is to marry the science of nutrition with the art of intuitive eating, into a form of more enlightened nutrition. Check out some of the articles on, and learn more about the nutrition end of things. You'll also find more details on intuitive eating, emotional eating and troubled patterns with food.

I offer workshops and classes, as well as private consultations, to explore which foods leave you feeling healthy and deeply nourished, how to come to terms with food obsessions and body image, and how to enjoy a more relaxed and pleasurable relationship with food.

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