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About Intellial Solutions Pvt Ltd
Sparrow ERP is a business management software that is specially designed to make the activities of an Electronics and High Tech Manufacturing Services faster, better and smarter. It provides a set of tools that helps you accelerate the task of quotation and component sourcing. Sparrow ERP's smart inventory features allow you to keep inventory at different levels like per order or per customer.
A highly flexible assembly routing configurator allows you to adapt different steps of assembly before and during the assembly process. We offer Sparrow ERP as Software as a Service in the Cloud platform so you can start easily and fast without any risk. We also offer Sparrow ERP on your own premises on your own server as Enterprise subscription.
Our ERP offers solutions designed to make your business operations smooth and hassle-free. The entire focus of our solutions is to make your operations faster, better and smarter.
• Responding to customer inquiries faster is one of the key activities of a growing business. Electronics manufacturing business involves certain activities that can potentially become the bottleneck for a fast response. Our sales solution removes those bottlenecks by providing automated BOM analysis and pricing features together with a faster quotation interface.
• Keeping optimum inventory is critical for smoother assembly operations. Sparrow ERP provides smart features that allow you to keep inventory exclusively for the customer or even orders. A smart interface to manage customer supplied inventory makes the manufacturing process smooth.
• A careful design of user interface to take away the complexity of software operation out of way from the shop floor ensures that workforce only concentrates on tasks that need to be done instead of dealing with complex data entry.
Sparrow ERP is a general purpose business software, however we have built it for anyone who owns or operates Electronics & High Tech Manufacturing Services (EMS) business and wants to transform their business by using a modern ERP system that is designed for ease of operation and capable to scale with rapid growth while keeping the cost of ownership to minimum.

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