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Main DepalPur Road, Kasur, 55050
About Khargosht (a rabbit meat brand)
We are professional in Rabbit Farming in Pakistan, We provide all Solutions about Rabbit Farming in Pakistan.
Our mission is providing Rabbit Meat which is 100٪Organic Meat, availability in local markets of Pakistan.
Rabbit farming in Pakistan is a Very Fast growing business in Pakistan because it is the unique idea of business. Rabbit is a small cute memal. In the world rabbit have estimated 50 to 60 breeds, some rabbit breeds raising for meat purpose because rabbit meat is more beneficial for all age humans because it have more protein, zero cholesterol and zero fat. Some rabbit breeds raising for rabbit wool which breeds called Angora Rabbit Breeds, rabbit wool is very hot as compare to other animals wool. Some rabbit breeds are raising for shows and pets objects which breeds called fancy rabbit breeds.
We provide all equipments for rabbit farming in Pakistan by our first online rabbit store which is https://khargosht.com/ecomm as well as we consult all new farmers about Rabbit Farming in Pakistan free of cost. Which farmers cannot travel or cannot give their time for such farmers we wrote rabbit farming book "Khargosh Bani" which is first rabbit farming book in Pakistan in our national language Urdu.
First Rabbit Brand in Pakistan
First Rabbit Farming Urdu Book in Pakistan
First Online Rabbit Store jn Pakistan
All Rabbit Farming Equipments
All Rabbit Vaccines and Medicines
Rabbit Farming Book
Rabbit Farming Consultancy
All Rabbit Breeds
Rabbit Meat

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