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Kumar Physics Classes

Kumar Physics Classes


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About We Teach Physics Concepts And Focus On 100% Target In Physics Exam.

Why students are worried about physics, it happened because student are not focusing on physics concepts and they try to mug up the physics lessons which cannot be possible.

What Kumar sir do, He teaches you the physics concepts considering the base of Resnik Halliday and h c Verma, and progressively you try to understand the basis of physics and consequently started solving physics problems.

For example, if you don't know the vector, then he starts explaining you first with modulus method them come to the i,j,k components and finally with DOT and Cross Product.

And Similarly, if you cant make free body diagram then he will explain you first how to make a free body diagram then come to the two and three pulleys then tell you the quick solving technique CALLED JUGAD TO DO QUESTION IN One Minute.
Kumar Physics Classes cover
Mission Don't Worry About physics if you are clearing your concepts from scratch. Focus on your essential Physics Concepts in class 11 and class 12 physics and complete your course as soon as possible and put yourself in testing mode.
Do some Physics test from fiitjee, VMC, Aakash, Kota and learn from mistakes.
Start writing physics CBSE test from last ten years paper and check it from the physics expert or physics tutor.
And you should know how to write a physics board exam to get maximum marks or take help from physics tutor.
For Example, If You are doing electrostatics then clear you fundamental by considering that charge always resides on the surface of the conductor.

A long, hollow conducting cylinder is kept coaxially inside another long, hollow conducting cylinder of larger radius.
Both the cylinders are initially electrically neutral.

A potential difference appears between the two cylinders when a charge density is given to the inner cylinder.

NO potential difference appears between the two cylinders when a charge density is given to the outer cylinder.

the potential difference appears between the two cylinders when a uniform line charge is kept along the axis of the cylinders.

the potential difference appears between the two cylinders when same charge density is given to both the cylinders.

If you understand these types of concepts, then don't call physics tutor else join some professional for physics.

Best physics tutor in Delhi, physics classes in Delhi
come and meet Kumar sir -9958461445
Description Kumar sir is known for his command of physics for NEET Medical, IIT Engineering & All Board Exams like CBSE, ICSE, Up Board. One can hardly fail to notice his in-depth logical approach during physics classes.
He has been teaching Physics to students medical entrance examinations and XI-XII- IIT (mains & advanced) other regional engineering entrance for the last twenty years. He has worked in many reputed coaching institutes such as Allen in Kota, Aakash Institute, FIIT JEE in New Delhi & many more.
His methodology of teaching is different for brilliant students and mediocre ones. He strictly advises parents to send their wards to specialised teachers.
He aims to make average quality students a perfect student in physics subject
His Motto is “Believe in quality. Don’t be part of a crowd.”
What a student can get at Kumar Physics Classes :
1. Comprehensive COURSE MATERIAL.
2. NOTES in the classroom.
3. REGULAR TESTS in conventional and unconventional ways.
4. REMOVAL OF DOUBTS (utmost priority).

Awards Physics Is the only subject which will make you at par in NEET/IIT.
Then wait for what start study physics at least 3 hours a day, put yourself into thinking chamber and think about physics concepts how and what can be done to improve this physics question in what way that time of execution should be less.
Use good books like h c Verma and Irodov to practice numerical and understand concepts.
It should be 100 % clear to each student survival of your life is not possible without studying so don't cheat your parents don't fight with your well-wishers, the only study will make you perfect in life to reach the top of the world.
When we are talking about physics mentor, then choose a physics tutor in such a way that he should be well versed with physics concept and tried and tested by the students. Don't go for just tom and jerry type of tutor for the sake of your parent's satisfaction.
If you want to uplift your physics calibre, then come to Kumar sir
Contact Directly Kumar Sir 9958461445
Founded Kumar Physics Classes
Products Physics Classes For CBSE,NEET,IIT,IB,SAT,AP'S
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