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La Conservación Marina Sin Fronteras (Marine Conservation without Borders)

2704 Barkley Ave., Florence (South Carolina) 29505

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Nosotros somos el pulso de la pesquería. Nosotros somos la Conservación Marina Sin Fronteras, y usted también!


Wan Misanka: Yang nani upla asla takanka kum bauhwi sna, wan warkka nani ba sat sat sa, Kabu nani lainkara sinskirka nani, Smasmalkra nani, Inska mamiskra nani, Turista nani tâ brabrira nani an Rayaka nani main kakaikra nani, trai muni bauhwisna lukanka kum paskaia upla natka nani ba wal praki nahki smalkaia smatka nani yûs manaia, bara Kabu nani ra Rayaka bâra ba main kaiakaia lukanka târa ba smalkaia, karibian kuntrika nani ra, Miksiku Gulpka, Trupik Atlantik Kabuka, Yahbra tani an wala wala nani ra sin…
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Somos un grupo interdisciplinario de científicos marinos, educadores, pescadores, guías turísticos y conservacionistas quienes estamos dedicados a crear una plataforma metodológica culturalmente apropiada para enseñar Conceptos Fundamentales de Conservación Marina a través de la Cuenca del Gran Caribe, el Golfo de México, la zona tropical del Atlántico occidental y más allá...


We are a group of marine scientists. Our goals are:

1. Perform practical marine conservation research.

2. Build research models that reflect not only community conservation issues, but also take into account the culture of the people we work with and their perspectives and needs regarding our research.

3. To also include connectivity between terrestrial systems to both the rivers and the sea in our research models.

4. Publish our findings in academic journals.

5. Share our findings at biological/conservation meetings.

6. Communicate our findings to the general public in an appropriate manner for wide range of audiences.

7. To invite likeminded scientists to join with us in our pursuits.


Mission Statement: We are a group of interdisciplinary marine scientists, educators, fishermen, tour guides and conservationists who are dedicated to creating a platform using culturally appropriate methodologies to teach Foundational Marine Conservation Concepts across the greater Caribbean basin, the Gulf of México, the tropical western Atlantic and beyond…


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