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Lusernetta, 10060, Italy

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Description Lusernetta is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 45km southwest of Turin. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 508 and an area of 7.2km2.Lusernetta borders the following municipalities: Luserna San Giovanni and Bibiana.Demographic evolution Colors= id:lightgrey value:gray id:darkgrey value:gray id:sfondo value:rgb id:barra value:rgbImageSize = width:455 height:303 PlotArea = left:50 bottom:50 top:30 right:30 DateFormat = x.y Period = from:0 till:2000 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical AlignBars = justify ScaleMajor = gridcolor:darkgrey increment:1000 start:0 ScaleMinor = gridcolor:lightgrey increment:200 start:0 BackgroundColors = canvas:sfondoBarData= bar:1861 text:1861 bar:1871 text:1871 bar:1881 text:1881 bar:1901 text:1901 bar:1911 text:1911 bar:1921 text:1921 bar:1931 text:1931 bar:1936 text:1936 bar:1951 text:1951 bar:1961 text:1961 bar:1971 text:1971 bar:1981 text:1981 bar:1991 text:1991 bar:2001 text:2001PlotData= color:barra width:20 align:leftbar:1861 from: 0 till:631 bar:1871 from: 0 till:662 bar:1881 from: 0 till:700 bar:1901 from: 0 till:789 bar:1911 from: 0 till:762 bar:1921 from: 0 till:816 bar:1931 from: 0 till:806 bar:1936 from: 0 till:935 bar:1951 from: 0 till:755 bar:1961 from: 0 till:592 bar:1971 from: 0 till:552 bar:1981 from: 0 till:540 bar:1991 from: 0 till:497 bar:2001 from: 0 till:496PlotData=bar:1861 at:631 fontsize:XS text: 631 shift: bar:1871 at:662 fontsize:XS text: 662 shift: bar:1881 at:700 fontsize:XS text: 700 shift: bar:1901 at:789 fontsize:XS text: 789 shift: bar:1911 at:762 fontsize:XS text: 762 shift: bar:1921 at:816 fontsize:XS text: 816 shift: bar:1931 at:806 fontsize:XS text: 806 shift: bar:1936 at:935 fontsize:XS text: 935 shift: bar:1951 at:755 fontsize:XS text: 755 shift: bar:1961 at:592 fontsize:XS text: 592 shift: bar:1971 at:552 fontsize:XS text: 552 shift: bar:1981 at:540 fontsize:XS text: 540 shift: bar:1991 at:497 fontsize:XS text: 497 shift: