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About Lystloc
Lystloc is a mobile location intelligence app that can aid in the management of your sales team, field support team, and office employees. You can use it to find, assign, and track your employees. Reduce the amount of time your field team spends travelling and documenting. Lystloc saves you time and allows you to effectively manage your sales team, giving you an advantage in generating more business. Spend your time wisely when it comes to client acquisition. Lystloc offers sophisticated GPS tracking solutions for your workforce, vehicles, and API integrations.
Lystloc is a Location Intelligence and Analytics SaaS product company offering complete solutions to our customers' location-based challenges. Lystloc started as an internal product to track our on-field and office users' attendance by location using a mobile app rather than hardware punch cards.

It worked out remarkably well for us, saving us a significant amount of time and money. It was then a natural progression to develop this as a SaaS product for other businesses that face similar day-to-day problems on location. As a result, Lystloc serves as a one-stop shop for all of your location-based solutions.

We are the market leader in SaaS location intelligence for your workforce, vehicles, and API integrations.

Among the key features of Lystloc are:

Tracking in Real-Time-
The admin or reporting manager can view the employee's current location from their tracklist.

Attendance is required-
Attendance on a smartphone can be tracked using a single touch or biometrics.

Attendance at Geo-fences-

Employees who are expected to log their attendance in the office can have their attendance restricted within the geo-fence of the office location.


The entire day's activities, such as login, check-in, checkout, waiting, meeting notes, and logged-out, will be displayed in a timeline.

Traveled Route-

The entire route taken for the day can be seen. The route play and pause feature can also display the user's current location.

The user's travel distance-

The total distance travelled for login and logout is calculated in real time and on a batch basis. This is a popular feature that the majority of our customers use to calculate their travel expenses.

User's Working Hours-

The employee's total working hours are computed. This is now a critical feature that many of our customers rely on to calculate salaries.

Battery Life of the Device-

Managers are also informed of the employee's battery percen
Some of the key features in Lystloc include:

Real-time Tracking
Geo-fence Attendance
Route Taken
Distance Traveled by the user
Working Hours of user
Battery Level of Device
Meeting Notes

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