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Miaa Tipx Corps

Miaa Tipx Corps

Corvallis (OR), 97333, United States

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(503) 479-5493

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About Keisha L. Merchant: Miaa Tipx
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Mission We commission ourselves around the theories of salvation and hope. We find our promiseland in our own lives. We rebuke violence, and find joy, happiness and love in all things. We do not deny the work of Christ and God, therefore, we are open minded, yet stand for the promises of the resurrection. Our goal is to be a reassurance of the technique in our print materials, online support and in the long run, qualify to ensure our customers success and excellence in their journey of the past, present and future.
Description MiaaTipx: A Research and Development Biotechnology project and contracting services. "We construct and Build effective and high performing -responsible and accountable- teams and leaders in the Economy with Maslow's Hierarchys model, Self Autonomy and the 'True North' wealth." Miaa Tipx: The Approach into Research, Founder, Keisha L. Merchant

This page is a conglomeration of: environmental consciousness, business: Corporate Social Responsibility, Publishing Opportunities, educational videos, confirmations, affirmations, media discussions and discourse--it is a platform to expand your horizons! just FYI opportunities.
This is an organization that serves by custom design gifts, services and consultation. This organization use the Christ Chi philosophy to create, design and perform services that allows customers to invest in their spiritual journey and life empowerment goals. The services play roles in government, personal, private and corporate access to transforming our global community into a caring ethics world. It is within this mission that our customers leave better then they came into our organization looking for help and a better role model in quality living and spiritual enlightenment in the formula of care.


Social Reports: These reports will change the world—
o Collect and Gather Information
o Investigation and Audit Assessments
o Analyze and Synthesize
o Theme: Social Responsibility and Accountability Reports
o Give the organization time to make the adjustments
o Corrections, Repair, Solutions, Resolutions, Restoration Progress
o Publish Social Reports
o Monitor for progress and make recommendations as needed
o Track Record and Grading Systems
o Production time 8 weeks to create and design, plan and coordinate reports
o Unless a team works on the Reports to speed up production
Services: Coach, Educate, Train, Tours, Innovate, Advice, Evaluate, Monitor, Research
Awards I am an entrepreneur. I have recently reinvented my dreams. Or should I say, revamp the aspirations of whom I desire to become. My commitment is developing green zone worlds. I started back in 1990 as a teenager. Of course, I do not have that big Billionaire speech, but I became a volunteer in 1986. Twelve years old, I knew money would not be profitable. Now that is a crazy notion. I have been part of volunteer projects that saved corporations more than a few millions a year. Now, where does that start in my mission? I am convinced cheap labor is a horrible negotiation factor to bring to the table. Voluntarism have worked better returns than slavery. Now what am I trying to say? The reason why Voluntarism is a stronger pitch for the new world order than slavery or cheap labor because of mental structures. I believe that if I can coach corporations and businesses how to build leaders and teams, they will give better services, quality care, and in return have better returns, bottom lines, and return on their investments without being "Slum Lords" in their industry whether they are pitchers or catchers in their industry. No one wants to be on a losing team, and more a team with low morale. It is a new generation to challenge the ideology of rags to riches methodology, but more to add voluntarism in the pot. Coach Kay
We have memberships with NAACP, Arbor Day Society, NOW, Socrates Society
NOW, (2001-2004, Board Member of Oregon, Vice President of Membership Chair for Task force to Eliminate Racism), NAACP, Arbor Day Society, American Heart Association Research, Socrates Society, Veterans for Peace, Children International Society,
Founded 2013
Products Our products range from print materials, consultation, online messages and as we are aware the buddy system may involve mass communications and journalism and other forms of digital access, we are willing to do world tours, and chat conferences. Our products are custom design upon request. We have estimates and willing to develop, expand and innovate old products with our signature.

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