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MPR News provides audiences with up-to-the-minute news and in-depth coverage of issues.
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The Mission of Minnesota Public Radio is to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit, thereby assisting our audiences to enhance their lives, expand perspectives and strengthen their communities.

Here MPR News encourages you to comment on our Facebook updates. We may even contact you to help improve our coverage based on your comments. Our goal is to maintain a community where you feel free to express yourself.

Reader comments do not reflect the viewpoint of MPR News. We do not screen comments before they're published.

We encourage comments that are germane to updates, brief and have a constructive tone. We discourage comments that are off-topic, long, or uncivil. We may delete comments we determine that:

-Are Abusive, threatening or vulgar

-Contain personal attacks

-Contain advertising or spam

-Are far off-topic

-Make unsupported accusations

We reserve the right to modify this notice at any time.


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