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59a Howard Road, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7UX, United Kingdom
About Orontay Ltd
Orontay is a natural nanotech sportswear brand that creates sustainable sportswear. We believe in adding many features such as being better for your skin, better breathability, higher moisture absorption capability, anti odour and so much more. Due to how Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees, it adds these properties naturally while being sustainable. We believe in ethical work practises while creating modern and elegant sportswear.
Make a difference.
Orontay create natural sportswear. What is natural sportswear? It's a new genre of sportswear that uses natural materials that don't affect your body in a harmful way like chemical based materials do. An example of a harmful material would be polyester.

We are able to do this through materials that are plant based, like Tencel that is made from eucalyptus trees that have natural nanotech inside them that allow for the features described below.

We believe in having the most advanced sportswear which have a plethora of features. To name a few would include anti odour capabilities, better breathability and better moisture absorption compared to chemical based fabrics.

We believe in the mentality to make a difference so we do this all in a sustainable way, with the lowest impact possible. Our materials barely pollute, our logistics let of as low emissions as possible. We believe in being ethical and treating our staff right.

Our end goal is to create consistent, unique sportswear with loaded features while continuously innovating.
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