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10060 46 ST NE, Unit 905, Calgary, Canada, T3J 2H8
About Palak StudioInk
Palak StudioInk provides Painting classes in Calgary for kids and adults who love to paint, but don’t know where to start. At my studio, I am super confident in my abilities to teach the fundamentals of creativity and art. When you work with me, you connect with several workshops conducted virtually or in studio that takes you from beginner to expert in no time.
Palak StudioInk is my professional paint classes studio that teaches art and customizes pieces, located in Calgary, Canada. Here, I teach sketching, drawing, and painting to kids and adults. I provide several workshops and virtual instructed classes designed to teach various kinds of art including canvas painting, pencil colors, sketching, acrylic/watercolors - I teach it all!

I love to make beautiful art pieces for customers; and at the same time, show my students how to create truly unique art spaces that they can be comfortable in.
My name is Palak Dhorajiya; and I am obsessed with creating imaginative art. Growing up in India, I always had a passion for art. At the time, I would make time within my busy schedule as a full time student to attend workshops and art class.However, as time passed, education became my major priority. I relocated to Calgary, Canada to pursue a career in Interior design. My art journey was the sacrifice; and I almost let it slip. But passionate dreams leave you restless as I soon discovered. Because, during the pandemic, I suddenly had lots of free time to pursue my passion. And I did, by learning a new form of art called “Alcohol inks”.It was as though I recovered a hidden power of mine, and I could not stop making beautiful pieces. My mother’s words of encouragement echoed continuously in my head. Combined with my art tutor’s inspirational pieces, I decided to take art seriously. Self-taught and art-obsessed, I somehow discovered my passion for teaching. Why don’t I provide art classes to people who needed guidance? And so I dove headfirst into an art career that I never imagined possible.Although I have a Bachelors degree in Interior design and earned a Post-graduation certificate in kitchen and bathroom design, my art skills were developed individually and innately. I was made for this. When clients ask for custom pieces, I create a story in every piece; a story that connects seamlessly with their emotions. My paintings can be found in many residential areas; one of my new displays will also appear in Calgary flooring designs in Calgary.I cherish an open network. You may request for a custom piece, display my art in your space or join my art classes. Some people are destined for art; I believe I am one of them. Your imaginations are 100% safe with me. Don’t wait any longer, reach out to me and let me show you a world of Unimaginable Creative Art.Visit Palak StudioInk to join my professional Art Classes in Calgary

Education in Calgary, Canada

Driving School 9 College & University 8 Preschool 8 Educational Organization 7 Tutor/Teacher 6

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