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210 174th St Miami FL 33160
About Ready for Transport
Logistics, Transport, auto transport, shipping, heavy machinery shipping
Our founders have been shipping vehicles within the United States and Canada, since 2005. A transport company committed to making your delivery easier!
- With a network of carriers ready to load your vehicle
- Extensively trained staff to deliver your vehicle safely & correctly
There is no substitute for experience. We have seen everything from hurricanes, snow storms, summer seasonal peaks to autumn seasonal lows. No matter the occasion, we know how to move your shipment fast.
We recognize that shipping a car may be stressful, and choosing the right company can be intimidating; nevertheless, due to our excellent service, the majority of our clients are return customers. We relieve you of your worries and take care of everything for you. That is what makes us different.
We occasionally hear people say they want to drive their vehicle themselves, but we’ve found that when you factor in the time away from work, gas, your flight, the miles driven, and the wear and tear, you’ll always spend more than having a carrier ship the vehicle for you because the cost for transport is shared among ten vehicles and the road stress and risks are transferred to a professional driver.
You must also consider the costs you will be charged at your destination; each port handles things differently and charges various amounts. Ready for Transport, on the other hand, takes care of this at the time of pickup. If there is a surprise at pick-up due to special circumstances, such as oversize, issues with your vehicle, or problems at the drop-off location, we will advise you and assist you on the best solution, so you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to delivery.
We will do everything for you. We are committed to making your delivery easier.

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