Revival Coffee Company

Revival Coffee Company

24 Church St, Ste 303, Selma (AL), 36701, United States

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(334) 430-4101

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Revival Coffee Company is a local coffee roasting company dedicated to providing quality fresh coffee.We provide blends as well as single origin coffee.

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My name is Ryan Bergeron and I am the owner/operator of Revival Coffee Company. Everyone is always asking me why coffee and so I thought I would share my story.

About ten years ago I came into a job that I knew I wouldn't want to be doing for the rest of my life. Early in that timeframe, I got smoked by the Lord and knew I was called to something else, so I started putting in applications for a new job everywhere. I remember feeling so frustrated whenever the jobs I applied for didn't work out. The reasons I wouldn't get the job were always so crazy it was obvious that it was Gods hand in it. Finally, I got to a point where I told the Lord that I wasn't trying anymore and that if he wanted me to do something else in life, He was big enough to bring it to me. That was probably three years ago (2011).

During that time, the church I attend started doing "prayer walks" in the local projects. I remember that every time we would pray for a young man, his request would be that he could find a job. I started to feel the pulling on my heart wishing that there was more that I could do to help this situation. That brings us up to a year ago (2013).

A good friend of mine called with the idea of a coffee roasting company starting up in Selma. I started to pray about it and felt like the Lord wasn't leading me in any direction, so I shared this with a spiritual mentor in my life. He said "sometimes the Lord reveals it to us in the walking out". So I started taking baby steps in that direction. It seemed like every step I took there was confirmation to go with it. I finally came to a place where I prayed "Lord, you have to either give me more on this or take away the desire". Let me backtrack a minute.

Years ago, my wife and I went on a mission trip to Meto, Kenya with Integrity Worldwide. The Lord wrecked me when I was on that trip with his love for the people there. Since that trip I have always had a desire to do more to help th

  • 24 Church St, Ste 303, Selma (AL), 36701, United States
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