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Sharp Mobile is an innovative and forward-thinking tech company, offering the first ever insurance mobile app: Insurance accessibility anywhere, anytime!


Our mission is to help other brokerages get ahead by providing them with the tools they need to free up time in order to focus on developing new business.


Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd is a sister company of Sharp Insurance-the fastest growing insurance brokerage in Canada. The secret to Sharp Insurance's success is the development and implementation of online and mobile resources that will make any brokerage more efficient. The iMobileBroker app is the first of its kind in the industry. The app allows clients to see/print pink cards, view policy details/payments and to even make some changes to their policy. The interactive interface even allows clients to submit a claim directly from the app! No one likes waiting on hold, so why do they? Sharp Mobile is creating the space brokerages need to develop their business, and is also giving clients the power to have 24-7 accessibility to their policy details. Be a part of the future with the iMobileBroker app.


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