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Suite 2912, Renfeng Tower, No.490 Tianhe Road Tian He Area, 510620

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Smoke-Box cover
Description While ensuring luxury lifestyle, Smoke-Box offers high-end smoking kit designed and engineered with basic needs for an enhanced smoking experience. Our all in one smoking kit comes with medical grade components that anyone has its best to offer. We design and manufacture products that come with glass tips, glass filters, rolling tray and smoke box case. Traditionally, people buy individual components from different companies and then put them together. Well, our luxury 420 Kit comes with the best rolling tray as the most expensive smoking kit. When people look for the best smoking set for unique and exceptional smoking experience, we come up to serve better.

Why choose us:

We never stop innovating and leverage the process of releasing the distributor version. We are also in the process of residing many components to make the best smoke box case ever. Well, none of these is purpose built, and we aim to offer when clients deserve better. Even, we are into the process of redesigning many components in the smoke box, as the next version with improved functionality and quality. Teaming up with rolling paper companies who have the sound base in custom cigarette rolling accessories, you are more into providing the best Smoking Kit ever.

Products we offer:

• The Delta 9
• The roller coaster rolling tray
• Roach motel
• Smoke box one
• Delta 9 rolling tray
• Smoke box one rolling tray
• The roller coaster essential package
• The roller coaster highlife package
• Rolling papers
• Merchandise
  • Suite 2912, Renfeng Tower, No.490 Tianhe Road Tian He Area, 510620
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