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We offer a unique alternative to traditional foster care. Learn more about the SOS Children's Villages Illinois difference:

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At SOS Children's Villages Illinois, we build families. We provide a stable home in a supportive, community environment designed to help children in need grow into caring, productive, an self-reliant adults.


At SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, we build families. We provide a stable home in a supportive community environment designed to help children in need grow into caring, productive, and self-reliant adults. To accomplish this mission, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois (SOSCVI) operates an 18 home Village in Lockport (opened in 1993) and a 16 home Village in Chicago (opened in 2005). SOS Children’s Villages are designed as complete neighborhoods with homes, a community center, a playground, other recreational facilities, and supportive services. Each home is headed by a full-time parent committed to raising up to six children at a time. Each foster parent is a professionally trained SOSCVI employee whose full-time job is to raise and nurture the children in their care. Unlike traditional foster parents, for whom parenting is often a temporary arrangement and who may have employment outside their home, SOSCVI parents make a full-time, long-term commitment to raising a generation of children in a family setting. In addition to Licensed Clinical Social Workers working with the children and families, we maintain a commitment to professional development, programs that foster emotional wellbeing, and a network of community resources to enrich the family experience and provide critical support.

SOS-Kinderdorf International, the parent organization under which SOS Children’s Villages Illinois operates, began in Europe in 1945 when Hermann Gmeiner, a young Austrian medical student, came to the aid of children orphaned or abandoned during World War II. He opened the first SOS Children’s Village in Imst, Austria in 1949; today, SOS-Kinderdorf International is the largest child welfare agency in the world.


SOS-Kinderdorf International has received several humanitarian honors, including the Conrad Hilton Award and numerous nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Locally, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois won The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Outstanding Non-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project in February 2009. SOS Children’s Villages Illinois was the first organization in fifteen years to receive the award for both architectural excellence and outstanding agency services.

In August 2009, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn came to SOSCVI’s Chicago Village to sign three groundbreaking pieces of legislation that protect foster children and extend services to children after exiting the foster care system. This historical signing in our Village acknowledged the accomplishments SOSCVI has made in the foster care community, recognizing our leadership in forging a new way to care for foster children.

SOSCVI also remains accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services (COA). Membership in COA validates our policies and ensures quality care for children.


January 1, 1987
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