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Support for Extraordinary Experience - SEE

Support for Extraordinary Experience - SEE

Nashville (TN), United States

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About Helping people through the kinds of paradigm-shifting phenomena often labeled fantastical, inconceivable, absurd, or impossible.
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Mission From a phenomenological (non-prejudicial study of phenomena perceived, regardless of whether
what is experienced is objectively real) and multi-theoretical perspective (ancient wisdom through New Paradigm/Quantum Science), with respect and clinically-grounded awe for the kinds of numinous experiences and heightened capacities that transcend the Western rational/mechanistic paradigm, S.E.E. employs a carefully and continuously curated suspension of disbelief (i.e. absence of evidence is not evidence of absence).

The core ethos of S.E.E. is Possibilism-- which simply means approaching the experiencing of any self-reported phenomena with the starting-gate idea that anything and everything is, at least, possible. S.E.E.'s position on all mysterium phenomena is that anything considered "truth," if only subjectively, can only be considered partial truth, and therefore our comprehension partial at best. Recognition and acceptance of distinctions between "relative" (subjective) and ultimate (objective) truth are an inherent part of the equation.

This approach (balanced with modified Occam's Razor) flows in part from the view proposed by many (and supported by the new science) that we likely only perceive 1%-7% of ALL THERE IS and ALL THAT IS with our five senses--just as it is factual that we can only *see* but a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In the end, let's face it, we are all basically trapped in a cave, staring at shadows, trying to make meaning out of reflections of a reality we can never truly know.

This positionality promotes true empathy and implicit validation, allowing for a deeper understanding of an individual's subjective experience, and a wider frame for integrating the effects.

While not purporting to have the answers (or any, truly) S.E.E. offers a disproportionately curious but reasonably educated perspective on the range of non-ordinary phenomena that can enhance an individual's adaptation to their new "reality"-- if and when understood
Description S.E.E. is where traditional (clinical) psychotherapy meets outside the box (psycho-spiritual/transpersonal) experience. A pilot sub-specialty and natural evolution of an established therapy practice based in Nashville, TN. (www.chrishancocktherapy.com).

S.E.E. aims to provide unprejudiced, competent, compassionate services to people struggling to understand, cope with, or integrate any and all potentially Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs).

Services such as:


-Need help addressing/discerning possibilities as to what you've experienced? This is where to begin. Typically 1-6 sessions/as needed. Focus on initial assessment, differential discernment (i.e. what is what? what may or may not be happening? what's needed, what does this experience mean? etc). For in-person or distance clients via phone or secure video.


-Have a decent grasp on what you've experienced, but need a little more help?Psycho-spiritually-oriented counseling utilizing a brief therapy model-- emphasis on assessment/differential discernment, coping and adjustment skills, and consolidation/integration of experience. For in-person clients.


-Experiencing significant distress/unwanted symptoms related to your experiences? Are prior unrelated issues flaring up in the aftermath? Barely hanging on? S.E.E. and traditional psychotherapy converge here in pen-ended, in-depth, psychodynamic/integrative therapy-- for pre-existing trauma/unresolved conflicts, losses, fears, worries, self-doubts, and/or attachment issues-- to help foster maximum STE integration and optimal psycho-social functioning. For in-person clients.

*NOSC-EXPLORE ("PSI-CO therapy")

(*Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness)

"When higher intelligence speaks, wisdom listens."

-Receiving information or messages? Hearing (non-punitive) voices? Experiencing visions?... Got psi? NOSC-EXPLORE, (or "PSI-CO Therapy") is where parapsychological principles, tran
Awards Awards? N/A. How about a Bio. S.E.E. was conceived by Chris Hancock, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and native Long Islander who's made a home and life in Nashville, Tennessee. A former professional musician, Chris earned a BA in English from Clark University in 1992 and a Masters in Social Work from New York University in 2000. Trained in contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy and ego psychology, over the years Chris has incorporated multiple therapeutic modalities into his work with children, adolescents and adults in outpatient addictions, community mental health and psychiatry settings in New York and Tennessee. Chris launched his own therapy practice in 2007. A lifelong student of the world's major spiritual, philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric wisdom traditions, Chris has been captivated by cross-cultural accounts of non-ordinary/mystical states, anomalous events, experiencer and related parapsychological phenomenon. Questions such as "What is consciousness?" "Where does it come from?" "Is it truly non-local?" "Does the soul/spirit/consciousness survive bodily death?" and "What is meaningful in the true, and what is true in the meaningful?" will probably plague him until the last gasp. It's these kinds of (ontological, teleological) queries that drive the search not so much for answers, but better "code-cracking" questions. Indeed he would rather, as Richard Feynman put it, endlessly pursue questions that cannot be answered than settle for answers that cannot be questioned. Chris practiced Insight Meditation in NYC and from the study of J. Krishnamurti and Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings was led to initiation into Kriya Yoga by Paramahansa Prajnananda of the contemporary Kriya Yoga lineage. On the first of three trips to India he participated in an event that produced such profound and visceral phenomena that whatever vestiges of doubt remained as to the existence of the world beyond our eyes instantaneously dissolved. He also had a numinous experi
Founded August 2016

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