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Ludwigstrasse 13, Schwarzenbach an der Saale, 95126, Germany
Price Comp on www.pricecomp.eu is an online application that monitors your competitors and raises your sales and profit margins.
Sales and Profits raise
Price Comp monitors thousands of prices worldwide live. By doing so it uses this data to analyse them and give you a detailed excel report thats easy to read.

You name the recipients, and every morning you recieve in your email inbox a totaly structured report in excel form that informs you of every product's competitor, their prices, and who is cheaper.

Colour variations make its reading a "price" of cake as you are aware only with a look , on which products you should pay attention.

The most important feature, is the Clever Column, as if the system sees that you are the cheapest but with a great gap from the next competitor, it gives you a price suggestion that will keep you on the first potition but with bigger sales margin.

Our system is daily updated with the prices of hundrents of products that you are monitoring and gives you accurate data.

Our easy to use control panel gives you the ability to add - change or configure a monitored product or a new competitor.

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