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Dutta Chowdhury family of Andul

Dutta Chowdhury family of Andul

Dutta Chaudhury Durga Dalan, Chaudhury Para Lane, Andul Rd, Andul, Argari, West Bengal 711302, Howrah, 711302, India

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About This is the official page of Bharadvaja
clan Dutta Chaudhury family of Andul, Howrah dist. of West Bengal, IN.
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Mission To educate mass on the rich cultural heritage of this family.
Description Maharshi Bharadwaja clan Kannaujiya kayastha 'zamindar' DUTTA CHAUDHURI family of Andul, is originally the 'Duttas', descendant of Purushottam Dutta, who being one among the 5 Kayasthas, sent to Bengal in 10th century CE., with 5 Brahmins in response of the invitation from King Hemanta Sen of Bengal, by then King Adisur of Kannauj (UP) to re-establish Vedic control in Bengal. Purushottam Dutta settled down at a village called Bali on the west bank of the Dwarkeswar river, in the Arambagh subdivision of Hooghly District, Bengal. Since then, his descendants earned the name- 'Duttas of Bali'.

In 11th century CE., Purushottam’s grandson, Kanak moved to a village known as Kadam Dandi of West Midnapore. The 11th man from Purushottam was Ganapati Dutta, who moved to a place Halisahar, in North 24 Pargana district of West Bengal(WB), India.

Ganapati’s brother, Tekari Dutta moved from Bali to Andul [in Howrah district, WB] and established his residence in the 14th century. Tekari Dutta had inherited enough capital from his father Murari, to be able to acquire the extensive property Muzzaffarpur Pargana to become established as the first zamindar of Andul. His residence was said to have been built on 252 bighas of land. He was later awarded the title of “ChaudhurI", which is a hereditary title of honor and surname, by the contemporary Nawab of Bengal, Ghiasuddin Azam Shah. Zamindar Tekari Dutta's lineage began to known as the 'DUTTA CHAUDHURIes' of Andul. During the Mughal Empire, this family belonged to the nobility and formed the ruling class.

The Zamindars of Bengal were influential in the development of Bengal. They played pivotal part during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

With the Mughal conquest of Bengal, "zamindar" became a generic title embracing people.All categories of zamindars under the Mughals were required to perform certain police, judicial and military duties. Zamindars under the Mughals were, in fact, more the public functionaries than revenue collecting
Awards In 14th century AD then sultana of Delhi bestowed the founder Devdas Datta (aka, Tekari baboo) “Chaudhury” title, after recognizing his estate ownership.
Founded Devdas (alias,Tekari baboo), the 12th Datta of Bally founded the family in the late 14th century, AD.
Products There are some books, which have the documentation of the clan history are NA right now. Those are দত্ত যামল (Dutta Jamal) and বৃহৎ দত্তবংশমালা (Brihata Dutta Vansa Mala). However there are books we have archived contains more authenticated and elongated chronicles on the family, and those are-

(1) দত্তবংশমালা (DUTTA VANSA MALA), 1st edition, 1875 AD | Author: Kedarnath Dutt | Calcutta, India.

A 2nd edition of it has been published in the year 1306 BS (~ 1889-90 AD), by the same author.

(2) স্বলিখিত জীবনী (SVALIKHITA JIVANI), 1896 AD | Author : Kedarnath Dutt Bhaktivinoda | Calcutta, India.

(3) ব্রহ্মাকায়স্থ (BRAHMAKAYASTHA), 1316 BS (~ 1909-10 AD) | Author: Lalitaprasad Dutta | Calcutta, India.

(4) আমার দেশের কথা (AMAR DESHER KOTHA), 1944 AD | Author: - Atul Krishna Dutta Chowdhury | Calcutta, India.

(5) DUTTA CHAUDHURI CHRONICLES: Our Ancestry, 2016 AD | Author: Hemotpaul Chaudhuri | Sacramento, USA.

NB : Book No. 5 is available for purchasing from Amazon (India, USA, UK and Germany) and the links are as follows-

(a) Amazon India- amazon.in/dp/1539483312
(b) Amazon USA- amazon.com/dp/1539483312
(c) Amazon UK- amazon.co.uk/dp/1539483312
(d) Amazon Germany- amazon.de/dp/1539483312

However there are some books where a few portions have been dedicated to this family, and they are -

(a) কলকাতার ইতিবৃত্ত (KOLIKATAR ETIBRITTO), 1981 AD | Author :Pran Krishna Dutta | Calcutta, India.

etc etc...
  • Dutta Chaudhury Durga Dalan, Chaudhury Para Lane, Andul Rd, Andul, Argari, West Bengal 711302, Howrah, 711302, India
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