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Bygmestervej 5, 2400 København NV, 2100
About The London House
Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Copenhagen, The London House is an interior design agency and online home accessory shop.
We are an interior design studio and online shop based in Copenhagen. It is our aim to share what we have learnt throughout our careers and on our extensive journey to creating our own dream space here in Copenhagen.
Perhaps surprisingly, asking for a bit of help in this area can actually save you money - and certainly time. We have a number of different services we can offer our clients under our design umbrella, from remote e-design packages to exclusive interior design services, more extensive refurbishments or one-off projects.
Head over to our rapidly growing online shop where you can find a thoughtfully curated selection of furniture and home accessories. It is our aim to help you bring a little character, history and warmth into your home. Right now we’re looking forward to the brightness of spring!

Services in København, Denmark

Professional Service 44 Hair Salon 44 Business Service 36 Home Decor 36 Advertising Agency 35

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