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Troffle Chocolates

12 Comeragh Mews, London, W14 9HW, United Kingdom

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Fresh handmade chocolates, chosen by you and sent through the letterbox!
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Troffle started in 2011 at Brockley Market in South East London. If you were there at the time you may not have noticed a nervous looking man standing behind a table of irregularly shaped splats generously described as chocolates. Starting the business was not very well thought through. We had full time jobs, no training or experience and had never sold anything in our lives. We had no idea how hard it would be to make enough vaguely presentable chocolates and how terrifying it would be to try and sell them.

But the people at Brockley were kind. They talked to us and told us what they thought. They even occasionally brought a bag of splats. And over time we worked out what they liked and deciphered the euphemisms they used for what they didn't like. We took it all on board and went back to the kitchen and experimented, practiced and refined. It wasn't a smooth process and the moments of inspiration were heavily outweighed by the number of burnt pans, broken thermometers and (minor) tantrums.

We're now a much more professional operation, working from our super-shed (proper kitchen) down in Wiltshire and shipping out beautiful chocolate presents through the post, delivered through letterboxes across the country. Make someone's day and send them some Troffles, easier to send than a letter and a whole heap tastier.

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