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The Teacher-Student center (TSC) of the University came into being in 1961. It is certainly historically important, known to render service to the student and teacher as well as to other communities of the society with its facilities.

Teacher-Student Center, the only one of its kind in Bangladesh, is an all-campus activity center designed for relaxation and guidance. It has its value as community center unifying the life of the university and serves as a sponsor of self-directed activity in which students learn that they are responsible for the welfare of their university and their country. The Center seeks to foster a type of campus community life which supplements the formal academic program of the University.

The Center brings together under one roof dining rooms and meeting rooms, library and reading rooms, art and music rooms, stage and multipurpose hall, games rooms, etc. These form the social and cultural heart of the campus. Students and faculty members mingle in the cafeteria and the bookstore lounges, sports and recreational areas. Recognized campus organizations hold their meetings and functions, lectures, and arts exhibitions here. Discussion sessions are frequently scheduled, journals and bulletins published, and competitions held, giving the university a varied and interesting program of cultural and social events. TSC, in the meantime, designated and fixed few dates for some events.

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TSC, University of Dhaka, 1000 Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1000 Dhaka

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