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15 Honeywick Close, BS3 5ND
About Urban Hawk
We use the most advanced information sources and techniques available, including world-leading satellite data suppliers, deep learning AI models, structure from motion, stereo cameras, and other advanced techniques.
We are a UK company with solutions that unlock new ways for automation in real-time. With the help of 3D mapping, we build the street-level replica (digital twin) of the urban landscape in time-lapse dense detail. We combine depth information extracted from ground photos, video captures, drone footage, and satellite imagery into highly efficient spatial data structures that is frequently updated.

We aim to maximise situational awareness. We locate relevant urban data in the ever-growing big data sets collected worldwide. They fuse with our digital twins, collate, and then display in 3D with time-lapse. Our efficient spatial data structures enable us to run pathfinding, collision detection, and basically physics inside a digital twin in real-time. You and your developers can then monitor and apply relevant urban statistics in revolutionary and accessible detail. Similarly, you and your operators can profit from the arising automation opportunities through the range of the premium products we have been developing and providing on top, which include guidance in mobility and multi-modal transport, real-time risk assessment and claim validation in insurance, and artificial intelligence to foster data-driven decision making in maritime operations and smart cities.
- 3D mapping
- AI to understand and classify content in visual sensor data
- Large-scale robust volumetric data back-end for digital twins

Business in Bristol, United Kingdom

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