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Viral In Nature is an award winning social media, reputation management and web development agency. Our social media command centre is located in Calgary.


Capturing the power of social media for the benefit of our clients.


Mission Statement: Capturing the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA for the benefit of our clients. An award winning Social Media Management, Reputation and Web Development Agency.
Corporate | International | Small Business | Energy Industry | Tourism and Hospitality | Agri-Business

“The conversation is going to happen with or without you so it's better that you're a part of it.” - Shawn Alain, Social Media Specialist/President - Viral In Nature Inc.

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Social Media Management, Reputation Management and Web Development.


We started as GoWowMedia in 2008 but on August 28, 2013 we incorporated and rebranded as Viral In Nature, an award winning social media agency.


SAM Award for Best All-Around Social Media Execution
Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine
May 2013
Two years removed from a major social media fail, Sunshine Village really gets it. With 51,000 Facebook fans, 15,000 Twitter fans, 302,143 YouTube views, and 1,500 Google+ followers, Sunshine is doing a lot right. Any social media channel they are on, they optimize and use it to the fullest. And in all instances, Sunshine shows off its snow with rulers and familiar or funny objects.
On Facebook, Sunshine posts often and uses lots of brochure-quality images, spanning across the entire newsfeed on their page. It uses eye-catching graphics and treats the page with the same care and attention that they would a glossy brochure. When not posting new images, the area posts videos—mini movies that seem carefully thought out, yet spontaneous at the same time. And the cover photo features a “Sunshiners of the Day.” Plus, the area takes advantage of every Facebook app space to promote or encourage a purchase. —S.R.

Marketing Excellence over $25,000 - Travel Alberta Alto Awards
Travel Alberta
November 2012
Runner up for 2011-2012 Social Media Campaign to the Calgary Stampede's 100th Anniversary multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

Ski Area Management Magazine Best Use of Twitter Award
Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine
May 2012
SAM called on a diverse group of experts to evaluate a variety of different categories and Sunshine Village has been recognized for the solid engagement and growth they have displayed in Twitter.

Slopefillers Award 2011: Best ski resort twitter campaign
November 2011
To enter the contest, followers had to do two things: change their Twitter profile background to one of 4, contest-approved images and Tweet using the hashtag #WinSkiPassesB4OpeningDay. The winners got to enjoy a private ski experience the day before the resort opened. My first response to this promotion was initially excitement to see a unique award presented in a social, viral sphere. I felt it was lacking a few key elements, but when I realized that everything – the idea, approval, contest, and award – all went down in the space of two weeks (actually less, see comments for details), I was very, very impressed. Twitter is full of white-noise promotions. Sunshine Village is trying things, being creative, and breaking through the clutter.
A few reasons why I felt this promotion deserved this award:
The award was incredibly unique
It was viral in nature, requiring sharing (this contest was trending in Calgary)
Ambitious implementation and upbeat voice running the show
Short time frame, new guy on the job, no fear to go for it
The results were impressive, nearly 500 entries, a 7% increase in both Twitter followers and Facebook fans in the space of a week, and lots of pre-season buzz. Their social media guy, Shawn Alain, has mentioned they may take the lessons of this season and apply them to next. Stay tuned.

Shawn Alain was the former Social Media Specialist for Sunshine Village for the years of the award. Shawn is now the founder and CEO of Viral In Nature, a marketing company specializing in Social Media and Social Media Crisis Communication.

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