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We want to live in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.

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Mission We champion the latest and most authoritative scientific research from around the world on cancer prevention and survival through diet, weight and physical activity. We help people make informed lifestyle choices to reduce their cancer risk.

A third of the most common cancers could be prevented through being a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and taking regular physical activity. We translate the latest and most authoritative scientific research into practical, easy-to-use tools and advice that can help people reduce their cancer risk.

The health information and research programmes of World Cancer Research Fund UK are funded almost entirely by donations from the public.

Together we can reduce the number of preventable cancers and help more people live a healthier, cancer-free future.

We are part of a global network of charities that are committed to preventing cancer.

Founded 1990
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The Great Grub Club (GGC) website is part of our children's education programme and is aimed at 4-11 year olds. It aims to encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle in a fun and informative way.
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