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西新宿 7-5-3 斉藤ビル4F, Shinjuku-ku (Tokyo), 160-0023, Japan

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Quienes somos 最新のショップデザインを紹介する「月刊商店建築」の公式Facebookです
月刊商店建築 cover
Misión 国内外の最新の商空間、ショップデザインと、それ手掛けるインテリアデザイナー、建築家の仕事を広く世界に紹介!日本の商空間デザインの発展に寄与します
Descripción ブティックやレストラン、ヘアサロン、クリニック、大型商業施設など最新の商空間、ショップデザインを紹介する月刊誌「月刊商店建築」(毎月28日発売)の公式Facebookです。


SHOTENKENCHIKU is a comprehensive design magazine primarily intended for shop designers. It covers not merely the latest interior and exterior designs for restaurants and other eating establishments, retail shops, etc., and furniture, utensil, illumination, display designs, etc., but also large commercial facilities designs, such as shopping centers, and station buildings. All are illustrated through the use of graphic photos and drawings. It also covers from time to time noteworthy industrial designs and urban development programs, modern art, and related subjects.
Thus SHOTENKENCHIKU is a very valuable magazine that visually offers the most up-to-date and useful information about a wide variety of various designs.

Publisher / Shotenkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd.
      7-22-36-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone / 81-(0)3-3363-5760
Founded / in 1956
Editor-Chief / Reiji Yamakura
Published / Monthly
Language of Publication / Japanese with English digests & Shop names,
             Iocations and designers also come in English.
Date of Issue / The first day of the month
Circulation / 60,000 copies (yearly average)
Size / Depth 297mm x Width 210mm
Pages / 330 (partially in color)
Printing procedure / Off set
Type of Paper / Coated paper
Fundada 1956年6月7日
Productos 「月刊商店建築」毎月28日発売
  • 西新宿 7-5-3 斉藤ビル4F, Shinjuku-ku (Tokyo), 160-0023, Japan
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