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Adaqua Farms

Adaqua Farms

St. Augustine, Tunapuna, TT, Trinidad and Tobago

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(868) 782-9940

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Quienes somos A small business dream geared towards the future of a healthier you and I. It all started with a simple aquaponic system...
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When my mother passed away it really dawned on me that the lifestyle choices we make severely impact our lives as well as others that love and care for us.

Years later that little thought fully took root and manifested as and action. As I began to research aquaponics, I stumbled across Murray Hallam and it became an "aha!!" moment.

Little by little (despite the onset of procrastination) I took steps towards starting a small aquaponic system to use as a pilot, however, location proved to be a challenge. The dream then moved to my rearview mirror but never really faded.

It was in 2016 I decided to quit my job and I went to work on an aquaponics farm, Grow Green Aquaponics, for four months. The dream took hold again and I got an opportunity to utilise a space in an establishment to set up my own system, Adaqua Farms began. I operated it for just over a year and grew kale, lettuce and basil as well as experimented with other types of produce. This did have its challenges and I had to start working once again to cover expenses. This lack of time and focus led me to rethink my road map.

Let it be known - Belief, Motivation and Discipline are the foundation blocks that will build a bridge to take you from aspirations to achievements.

I then came across micro greens, which are seedlings that are power packed with nutrients, some 4 to 6 times more than mature leaves. I realised that this would be my spring board to not only build capital to return to a commercial aquaponic system but also start the charity (Adaqua Cares) I always promised myself I would do, to follow in my mother's footsteps and ultimately that of my Saviour.

And so here I am...
  • St. Augustine, Tunapuna, TT, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Como llegar

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