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Better Life Association  مؤسسة الحياة الأفضل بالمنيا

Better Life Association مؤسسة الحياة الأفضل بالمنيا

53 Adnan El Malky Street - El Minya - Egypt, El Minya, 61111, Egypt

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002 086 2330661

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Quienes somos The Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development (BLACD) is an Egyptian non-governmental, non-profit organization
Better Life Association  مؤسسة الحياة الأفضل بالمنيا cover
Misión We (BLACD) work to empower the most marginalized and poorest people to enjoy their rights through promoting the culture of Right Based Approach in development, community organization, empowering the executive and civic institutions to play their community roles effectively and link them with policies makers and help them to lead advocacy issues and build local, regional and international networks
BLACD uniqueness are the many years of experiences in the field of community and rights development as well as human relief services. BLACD has strong relationships and networks with other local, regional and international individuals and organizations. BLACD has clear and written internal financial and administration systems
rty, violence, illiteracy and unemployment for a better life.
Improve the living conditions of poor communities that lack services and train them on the best ways to express their needs and how to make a change.
Descripción We are civic human not for profit organization that is established on 1995 in Mina Governorate. Its geographic scope is Egypt. BLACD has a board of governance formed of five members from both men and women. It has 50 full time staff and 150 volunteers; BLACD is unique in targeting marginalized people such as quarries labors, fishermen, small farmers, and women,
Since the year 2000 BLACD is adopting human rights developments based approach and integrates this approach into its policies and strategies instead of filling the needs and gaps and provide services. BLACD works to raise the awareness toward giving the rights to marginalized and deprived people. BLACD also focuses on poor people organization in informal and formal institutions and movements as well as build their capacity to get their rights and to lead and implement their own advocacy campaigns.
In 2012 BLACD could calm that it has diversified experiences in the field of human rights development based approach in the poorest communities of Upper Egypt and among civil society and governmental organizations and it has effective relationships and networks on different levels.
BLACD wishes during the period from 2013 – 2017 (duration of this strategic plan) to achieve its strategic goals

مؤسسة الحياة الأفضل للتنمية الشامله (BLACD ) هى منظمة مصرية غير حكوميه، غير ربحيه تعمل على تحسين نوعية حياة الفقراء والمحرومين في صعيد مصر.

تأسست المؤسسة في مدينة المنيا المصرية في عام 1995 ومسجلة كمنظمه غير حكوميه فى وزارة التضامن الاجتماعي المصرية في عام 2003.
  • 53 Adnan El Malky Street - El Minya - Egypt, El Minya, 61111, Egypt
  • Como llegar

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