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The Theory of Color: A Two-Part Exhibition

Artist's Proof
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In all of the elements of art, perhaps the most obvious would be the influence of color. Due to colors’ visceral characteristics, the interpretation of the artist’s intent is often immediate because of the cultural and emotional associations induced by a particular color or the lack of. Artist’s Proof will be exploring the intricacies of color in ‘The Theory of Color’ - a two-part exhibition this Spring.

Presenting only white monochrome sculptures and paintings in April, we consider the philosophical, poetic and spiritual associates attributed to a color that is often perceived as ‘negative space’. The paintings and sculptures presented in this exhibition predominately use white or black, which often draws attention to the other aspects of the artwork such as the techniques, materials, textures, and forms used by the artists. Each artist engages their technique to this concept of working within the monochrome, reducing their art to its elemental form. At the opening reception on April 14, 2018, from 4-6 pm, Washington, D.C. based artist Craig Cahoon will be conducting a workshop on the monochromatic interference paint he employs within the presented series.

In May, the gallery switches direction to present works in which color and the attributed emotions to them is the predominant influence on the artists’ intention. The highly abstract works encourage the viewer to interpret the work through their impressions, cultural influences, and memories associated with the colors they view. Iranian-American painter Saya Behnam will be conducting a workshop on how she sources, tests and uses natural pigments, such as saffron and crushed lapis lazuli stones, in her art at the opening reception on May 5, 2018, from 4-6 pm.

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