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The Return of the Cube!

Rabblemaster Games
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Cube night returns to Rabblemaster Games this Monday, and every Monday night from 6pm!

We've got a high (but not fully) powered cube put together by a customer who wants it to be given a workout; it's large enough to handle two eight-person drafts and we've even got a link to the contents on cubetutor, so you can check out what's in the guts of it, and prepare yourself for what archetypes are available to draft, and how they compare to your favourite decks of that type.

It's your chance to play with cards like Balance, Recurring Nightmare, Rofellos the elvish mana machine, and many other cards deemed too powerful for Commander and other formats

Join us for Cube night and bring some life to Fremantle on an otherwise dull Monday night; you might be worn out from work after the weekend's break, but there's no better way to unwind than drafting - staring at a pack of cards, wondering whether to pick one of ten rares or five mythics and not having to worry about any draft chaff leftovers, before smiling inside and realising that they're ALL good picks. Cube is one of the most skill-testing draft format (second only to Rochester draft) because the monetary value of cards makes no difference - it's all about the deck.

Come and build yours this coming Monday at Rabblemaster Games!
$10 entry, prizes and leftover promo cards to hand out, and note that this event is capped at 16 players - the cube can't handle any more than that - so first in will be best dressed.

Here's the cube list:

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Rabblemaster Games