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Summer Solstice -108 Sun Salutes

Yoga Quarter
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Sun Salutations can be practiced any time and with any frequency. Traditionally however practicing 108 Sun Salutations is reserved for the change of the seasons such as the Summer Solstice. Over the next two months we will be building up to practicing 108 Sun Salutations on 21st June, Summer Solstice and also International Yoga Day.
The workshop on the 14th April will break down the two variations of surya namaskar that we will be practicing.
Here are 6 things you will learn or experience when you practice 108 sun salutations:
1. You are stronger than you think
108 sounds like a lot – you may not reach that number the first time. Regardless of the total number, you will be surprised at your strength and how many rounds you can do. Give yourself some credit for what you’ve accomplished, because you are powerful and deserve the recognition!
2. Negative energy does not define you
Negative energy can stay trapped in the body. Sun Salutations activate stuck energy, help you move through it, and ultimately let go of things that no longer serve you. Releasing negative energy is an important step on the path to happiness, and this practice will show you that you have the power to release anything holding you back.
3. You have the power to shift your perspective
If you practice with a positive mantra, like “I am at peace,” then you may see significant changes in your mood and perspective. Focusing on positivity as you practice has the power to transform your entire outlook. Once you accomplish 108 Sun Salutations, you may event notice a boost in your overall confidence!
4. You can find grounding amidst any challenge
The repetition and ritual of 108 Sun Salutations will provide a sense of grounding. Remember that Sun Salutations are named in honor of the cycles of the life. 108 Sun Salutations is definitely challenging, but while you practice them, you will find a sense of grounding and learn how to access it with any challenge you face.
5. You will discover your inner drive
While this will be different for each person, you will see emotions and sensations arise that you never knew existed (or thought were long gone). You may learn what inspires you to flow or even how your dedication can cultivate confidence. Throughout this practice, you will continue to witness your incredible drive.
6. You will have more energy afterwards
You will feel an increase in energy once you complete your Sun Salutations because they generate Prana. Afterward, you may find yourself feeling more energised, more alert, and empowered overall – now that’s a great feeling!
This will be a donation based fundraised, charity to be announced soon.

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