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Kilimanjaro Animal CREW

Kilimanjaro Animal CREW

P.O. Box 203 Moshi, Machame, Tanzania, Tanzania

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+255 754 31 28 96

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Quienes somos Kilimanjaro Animal CREW - an organization for people that strive for change, for wildlife and nature and also for those living in unfortunate circumstances
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Descripción Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education & Wildlife (or short: Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.) is located on Makoa-Farm at the Southern Slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is an animal haven and much of our time revolves around animals of all kind - healthy, injured and orphaned ones.

Being mindful of the current situation of animals in Tanzania, in part mostly due to human-wildlife conflict, we have determined the dire need to establish an organization who’s aim is to promote a greater understanding of wildlife through many initiatives, including humane education involving local Tanzanians and the rescue of wildlife who have come into conflict with humans.

Over the past 12 years we have been involved in the care, rehabilitation and housing of orphaned, injured, neglected, abused and abandoned wild animals. We operate a policy of never turning an animal away and almost no week passes without a new occupant arriving. This means, however, a constant effort to bring up sufficient funds to be able to take anyone in that is in need.

Das Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education & Wildlife (oder in kurz: Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.) ist Teil der Makoa-Farm am südlichen Hang des Kilimanjaro. Ein großer Teil von Makoa dreht sich um gesunde, verletzte und verwaiste Tiere – Makoa ist der sichere Hafen für verschiedenste Tierarten.

Seit wir letztes Jahr den damaligen Minister für unser Engagement wegen Erziehung in Sachen Wildlife/Conservation begeistern konnten und endlich alle Lizenzen haben, hat die Arbeit bei unserer „Tier-Auffangstation“ und unserer Bush-School, in welcher die Jugend Verständnis und Verantwortung für ihre Natur lernen kann, eindeutig zugenommen.

Nun wollen wir uns mehr um die Erziehung in Sachen Tier-, Natur und Umweltschutz und unsere Tier-Auffangstation kümmern. All das liegt uns sehr am Herzen, besonders in Anbetracht der katastrophalen Situation der Wilderei in diesem Land, sei es nun für Nashorn, Elfenbein oder „einfach nur“ Bushmeat.

Productos It is possible to visit our Kilimanjaro Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.
Our projects aim to support conservation and nature education for local schools and are funded by donations. We are very happy for your support, so for any donation of 25$ or more of an individual we will offer a guided tour on our facilities at Makoa-Farm.

This tours can be done by appointment only, either at 11 a.m. or 4 p.m.
A guide will take you through all of our resident tame and wild animals and those who are being rescued and in recovery. After the tour the guide will take you on a short hike to the mountain fruit bat colony on our farm.

It is impossible to know upfront which animals might be present, as new animals come in constantly whereas recovered animals might be released. Therefore every day might be different depending on the animals we have.
Wild injured or orphans animals are being rescued, medically treated and nursed back to health or adulthood. If all goes well then they will be re-released into the wild after this phase. Any animals who cannot safely go back into the wild will remain with us and play an important role as ambassadors for our education programs for local school kids.
  • P.O. Box 203 Moshi, Machame, Tanzania, Tanzania
  • Como llegar

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