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Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge

Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge

1667 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (MA), 02138, United States

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Quienes somos We are an original music open mic! for details!
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Descripción The Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge is a showcase of original acoustic music.

After all acts have performed our guest judge will pick a final three to play one more song. From those three our judge will pick a winner!

For sign up information go to

Our Judge is focusing on these five categories:

1. Songwriting (All songs must be original to be in the challenge)

2. Vocal performance – (Sing… Sing a soooong! Sing out loooooud… sing out strooong!)

3. Playing ability – (For instrumentals, playing ability counts twice in place of vocal ability)

4. Stage presence – (RAWK! And most importantly, enjoy your set!)5. Audience response – (Yup! Your pals get a vote as well!)

5. Audience Response - (Yup! The crowd has a say as well!)

A few rules of the show:

2 Songs or 10 minutes. Whichever comes first.

If you would like to be in the contest please play originals.

No amps. No pedals. No drum kits (percussion/cajon, etc is welcome)

We have a piano! So we ask that you do not use electronic keyboards.

No Backing Tracks, cd's or ipods or loop pedals of any kind (100% live baby!)

Respect the stage on and off. (Give all artists the same respect you would like them to give you)

Weekly contest winner will receive:

A) Cold hard cash (The total Musician's cover @ the door!)

B) An invitation to perform in the grand finalists' show @ The Lizard Lounge (Date to be announced.)

C) Bragging rights and a shiny pin! (Shiny pin not included…)

Sign up now! We'd love to see you soon!
Premios Every night we give away our door prize to one stellar act! Our Final Three round happens at Midnight every week!
  • 1667 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (MA), 02138, United States
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