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Mimili Maku Arts

Mimili Maku Arts

252 Mimili Community, Mimili (SA), 0872, Australia

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08 8956 2984

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Quienes somos Tjukurpa nganampa kunpu kanyintjaku.
Keeping our stories strong.

Mimili Maku Arts is an Aboriginal-owned and governed Arts corporation, located on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.
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Descripción Ngura-nyanga Mimili-nya APY mantangka ngaranyi, Alice Springs-ala wilurara ulparirra. Nyangatja Mimili Maku Art Centre. Maku tjukurpa pulka inmangka ngaranyi ngura nyanga Mimili-la. Art Centre nyanga palula Minyma, Wati, Wati Yangupala munu Kungkawara, tjuta tjungu waakarinyi. Art Centre nyanga palunya nganana waltjangku kanyini Anangu tjutangku Mimili-la. Painting nyanga palula tjilpi pampangku. Tjukurpa pulka nintini malatja tjutangku.

The community of Mimili is located within the red granite boulders of the Everard Ranges nearly 500 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. The Art Centre, Mimili Maku Arts takes its name from the Maku or witchetty grub found in the roots of the witchetty bush (Acacia Kempeana).

Mimili Maku Arts is a happy place, where men and women, young and old, paint and share Tjukurpa (traditional law and culture) and contemporary stories. Intergenerational transition of these stories to young people is a critical means of keeping culture alive and strong. The Art Centre plays an important role in the community, providing cultural and social benefits in addition to economic returns. Mimili Maku Arts is 100% Aboriginal owned and governed and all proceeds are returned to the artists and their organisation. Mimili Maku Arts is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Visitors only by appointment
Fundada Founded 1994, Incorporated 2010
  • 252 Mimili Community, Mimili (SA), 0872, Australia
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