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Plant Mama Co.

Plant Mama Co.

Saint Paul (MN), 55118, United States

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(651) 528-2958

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Quienes somos Plant Mama is a small business that sells goodies for your little plant babies!
Descripción Plant Mama is a small business whose goal is to add happiness and health to your home through the one way we found that surely works - plants. As if the health benefits that plants provide to your home isn't enough, the happiness that one can find by caring for their plants, seeing their growth and sometimes even naming them (oh yeah, I do that) is a truly beautiful thing. And that's our goal, to add happiness to your home through plants.

The story behind Plant Mama Co
I love to make. I can spend my entire day just making things, whether it's knitting or cross stitch, painting or graphic design. But a large problem I have found with making things is that you are left with just that, things. And I also don't like things. I try to minimize my life by keeping what I love and what nourishes me and getting rid of the rest. The amount of waste produced every day is incredible and sad, so I wanted to find something that I can make, and that I can benefit people's lives with. CUE THE PLANTS.

I have always loved plants and nature, so the putting two and two together was sort of mind blowing, I can make things that have to do with plants; things that people don't want for just a year and then get rid of, things that can last and provide a healthy and happy benefit to their entire lives. So that's what I do. I have found the happiness that my plants bring to me, and I want others to experience the same things. So that's why I started Plant Mama, to share the love that plants can bring to your home, with all of you.

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