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Positively Empowering Psychotherapy Services

Positively Empowering Psychotherapy Services

9525 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring (MD), 20910, United States

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(301) 535-7711

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Quienes somos (Individual, Couples, Family And Phone Counseling)
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Descripción Positively Empowering Psychotherapy Services was established to help you tap into your inner joy and strength. As you begin to identify and change negative self-defeating thoughts and beliefs you will feel empowered and uplifted. You will discover ways to foster healthy relationships while still cherishing yourself. You will also discover better ways to cope with difficult, stressful and painful situations in your life. As you set goals and achieve them, you will start to see just how powerful and fulfilling your life can be. Let's get started today. Weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

Services Include: Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Phone Therapy Sessions
  • 9525 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring (MD), 20910, United States
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