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1,Nirmal Corner, Opp. Sungard Ganesh Khind Road, Pune, 411016, India

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Misión Powerphysio is a group of eminent physiotherapists from different backgrounds and forms of society working together for the upliftment of the profession.
Descripción * The main aim of Powerphysio is to create, develop, and sustain a healthy and learning environment for growth of physiotherapy and physiotherapists.
* Powerphysio not only aims to raise the professional standards of physiotherapy as a profession but also to create an employment opportunity for the physiotherapy community.
* Powerphysio conducts workshops, seminars, lectures , symposiums , CME’s , health camps , not just only for the physiotherapy community but also for the society to promote health , fitness and general well being.
* Powerphysio not only wants a healthy and independent physiotherapy community but also a disease free and fit nation.
* Powerphysio mainly aims at advertising , branding, promoting, marketing, upliftment, development and growth of physiotherapy profession.
* Powerphysio follows a simple philosophy of life..
* “Each One, Reach One” only then any community or nation can develop and progress together.
* In simple words Powerphysio is here to “ Empower You”
* Powerphysio is an initiative by the physios , with the physios and for the physios towards a healthy nation.
* We are just trying to become a bridge between medical science, health, fitness and wellness and just to spread the message of holistic wellness worldwide.
* Powerphysio wants to become a platform to share knowledge, ideas, views, etc. infact share anything or everything that aims at betterment of physiotherapy as a profession.
* We want powerphysio to be identified as a platform not only for Maharashtra but for physios all over India who can voice their opinions or share their good experiences with the world, so that not only physios get respect as a a community but society should also realize the power and charisma of this noble profession.
* Just to keep things straight and simple Powerphysio aims at not only to link or unite physios all over but we want to become the strength and the face of physiotherapy.
Fundada Dr. Pande
Dr. Kshipra
Dr. Shraddha
Dr. Prerak
  • 1,Nirmal Corner, Opp. Sungard Ganesh Khind Road, Pune, 411016, India
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