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Quienes somos PriceStats estimates aggregate inflation in over 20 countries using online prices. In addition, we offer a Purchasing Power Parity series for eight economies.
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Misión PriceStats’ mission is to transform data into meaningful tools for economic analysis.

We believe that today’s world produces significant amounts of data with untapped opportunities to improve the way we study the economy and design public policy recommendations. We like to bring technology and economics together, leveraging rigorous academic research that is applied to new and innovative data sets.

We take pride in having a smart, hard-working and hands-on team, with people from multiple nationalities and different backgrounds. We are passionate about what we do and the impact that our products have in the world.
Descripción PriceStats collects online prices to provide daily inflation updates for 22 economies. In addition, sector views are available for the United States. Global inflation trends are available for targeted regions, with in-depth views for food & fuel.

Using online prices we compute the relative cost of a basket of ~250 identical product categories in each country versus the United States and signal Real Exchange Rate deviations from PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) or Real Exchange Rate historic averages.
  • 1 Broadway, Fl 14th, Cambridge (MA), 02142, United States
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